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ABS Information Services, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use ABS?
Quite simply, to save time and increase your profit.  We obtain more credit information for you at less cost.  More information and professional guidance mean fewer days outstanding on your A/R and less money lost to bad debt.

What types of businesses does ABS report on?
We provide credit reports on all types of commercial businesses, with particular emphasis on the building and construction industry.

How long does it take to complete a credit investigation?
Typically, we can complete an investigation within three business days.  But if you need information immediately, we have 24 hour priority service available.

Does ABS offer any credit guidance to it's clients?
Yes!  We will always give our objective credit opinion on every case we investigate for you.  We are always available to discuss the content of a report and provide guidance if needed.  All at no extra cost.

How can I access your service?
After a service agreement is executed, you can access our services by faxing or emailing your credit applications directly to us.

What does your service cost?
All of our clients have different needs and access different services.  We will be happy to discuss your requirements and work out a program tailored to your specific needs.